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We help our clients achieve personal and leadership excellence

We are committed to helping people become their best selves – to be great. Our work with leaders is to help them become exceptional, to operate at the top 80 percentile of leaders, producing results that are 200-400% greater than average leaders.

Our work with individuals is to help you develop the understanding, mindsets, and life skills to transform your life for the better. The benefits include better health, improved relationships, greater success, and a profound sense of spiritual connection.

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

Meet Founder & CEO,
Mark Youngblood

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

Mark Youngblood founded Inner Mastery, Inc. over 20 years ago to promote personal and organizational transformation. His life purpose is to elevate human consciousness and support people in developing successful and fulfilling lives. His outreach presently includes executive coaching with top management, life coaching, the Inner Mastery community, Dear Human books, public speaking, and special workshops.

Our Guiding Principles

We Believe In Breakthroughs

Anyone who makes a sincere commitment can create breakthroughs for themselves and for their organizations. Our job is to help you see a greater potential for yourself and then support you through your journey of growth, achievement, and self-fulfillment. We believe in your ability to excel. We want to teach you to fish rather than giving you a fish so you eat for a day. We provide you with the building blocks and the tools to help yourself. This supports you in building the knowledge, confidence, and ownership that will enable you to succeed on your own.

We Believe In Authenticity

Our clients find our honesty and genuineness refreshing – with us, what you see is what you get. We don’t wear any masks or have any pretenses, and we ask you to do the same. You are safe to be yourself with us because we won’t judge you or see you as less than you are: an amazing human being with potential to learn and grow and to fulfill your fullest potential. We expect the same of ourselves that we ask of you. When we ask you to take difficult actions or go beyond their comfort zone or to develop new mind-sets and practice new skills, you can trust that we have gone there before you.

We Believe In Courage

There is a strong temptation and tendency for people to play small to avoid risking failure, criticism, disappointment, or to please others and avoid hurting or upsetting them. Living life to the fullest requires you to climb higher and to express your creative potential. And change, learning, and growth can be scary. When you learn to tap into the source of your courage – what you are committed to that is greater than your fear – you will be surprised and delighted how great your life can be.

We Believe In Love

Love and compassion are what enable us to live our lives in accord and cooperation with others. It is also the source of our greatest strength and passions in life… the artist’s inspiration, the entrepreneur’s drive to create, the leader’s magnetism and attractiveness, the desire to create family and community. The richness of life comes from connecting meaningfully to others, to a purpose greater than yourself, and to life itself. This requires you to live open-heartedly and be willing to risk yourself to connect genuinely to the people in your life. The more love you give away, the more your love grows and the more you get in return.

We Believe In Having Fun

Learning and life are both better when you are having fun. Laughter unburdens you and lightens your heart and is a great healer. Personal transformation can be both serious and hard work, but it can also be playful and fun. Laughter brings us closer together, as Victor Borge said: “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” We look for the humor in work and life and enjoy sharing it with you.