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About the Book

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

Most of us would like to be our best self all the time, but that’s hard to do when faced with so many daily demands, conflicts, and challenges. For most people, emotions like stress, anger, frustration, worry, and disappointment are an exhausting daily struggle. That makes it tough to consistently be the leader, parent, mate, friend, and person you truly want to be. The happy news is that you can now become the very best version of yourself with the help of this user-friendly guide to your emotions.

Each of us is born with a rich and colorful palette of emotions, but no user manual. Mark Youngblood’s goal is to help you gain greater understanding and acceptance of your emotions by imparting powerful life skills that will allow you to take charge of them.

Emotional reactions often lead to drama and negative consequences for those involved. Through the powerful insights and practical strategies and life skills in this book, you will discover how to quickly and easily manage your emotions and opt out of drama. You will be able to: remain calm and centered, reduce and even eliminate your drama and upsets, be happier, be more successful, improve your health, create loving relationships, and find fulfillment in your life.

This entertaining and reader-friendly book is rich with compelling stories and situations you will quickly relate to your own life. Dear Human, Master Your Emotions was designed to help you put into practice the life-changes necessary to stop reacting to life and start creating the life you want.

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

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Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

Speaking Topics

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

Mark’s message is one of hope and possibility – specifically, that everyone has the power within them to create a great life. Each talk includes practical tips and techniques that participants can use immediately to help them lead more successful and fulfilling lives. Whether for a business or a public audience, Mark’s powerful talks have something for everyone.

Dear Human, Meet Your Emotions

We are born with a rich and colorful pallet of emotions, but no user manual. This humorous and enlightening talk helps us understand the role our emotions play, and introduces a new approach for making the most of them to create a great life.

Take Your Life Off Auto-Pilot

Nobody really wants to act out in anger, frustration, resentment, hurt, or disappointment – but they do anyway. Whenever something triggers people emotionally, their sub-conscious autopilot takes over and causes drama, upset, and unwanted consequences. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can put your pilot back in the driver’s seat, and this informative talk explains how.

Pivot To Power: 3 Steps To Be Your Best Self

Most people want to be their best selves, but daily pressures, conflicts, and challenges make it a difficult goal to achieve. Mark Youngblood shares a powerful three-step process for transforming your reactions and Pivoting To Power to create the life you want.