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For most companies, the problem is not having too many poor leaders, but having too many average ones.

Exceptional Leader Coaching Program Benefits

Net Profit

Exceptional Leaders produce 200-400% better results than average leaders do.


Employees bring more energy, commitment, drive, & creativity to their work.


Exceptional Leaders create a climate that attracts & retains high-performers.


Employees that are happy and satisfied produce happy & satisfied customers.

Our Unique Approach

We Focus On Horizontal Development & Vertical Growth

Most coaches focus on horizontal development – new knowledge, skills, and capabilities. We do too, as that’s an important aspect of leadership performance. However, we also excel in developing Inner Mastery. Our investment in the vertical dimension of personal growth leads to the wisdom, self mastery, emotional intelligence, and executive presence that truly distinguishes great leaders.

Vertical Presence
Who you are being while you do what you do.
Horizontal Competence
What you know how and are able to do.

Our ability to provide a full range of coaching approaches – using both horizontal development and vertical growth, with mastery and finesse – is one of our biggest advantages. This enables us to achieve extraordinary levels of personal and performance improvement in a a remarkably short time. Where are you on your personal ladder of excellence, and how much higher do you want to climb?

Our Unique Toolkit

Our Proprietary Tools, Models, & Processes

We employ a powerful combination of proprietary tools, processes, and models, along with the use of leading-edge assessments carefully chosen for practical application and proven bottom-line impact.

  • BIAS Model of Perception™
  • Max the Moment Process™ for managing reactions effectively
  • Reaction-to-Mastery Process™ for eliminating emotional triggers
  • 4P’s of Strategic Alignment
  • A-E-I-O-U’s of Change™ model for leading change
  • Inner Mastery Process™ and related tools and techniques
  • Dimensions of Exceptional Leadership™ Model
COREMAP Personality System

This self-assessment is used to increase emotional intelligence (EQ), including self- and other-awareness, and to further identify areas needing development. This instrument is superior to similar tools (DISC, MBTI) in several ways:

  • It has three parts instead of one, which makes it impossible to manipulate (either intentionally or unconsciously).
  • It not only describes each type’s tendencies under normal circumstances, it charts developmental levels and reactive tendencies under stress.
  • It is a powerful EQ tool as well, enabling not only self-awareness, but also techniques for reading other people and accurately deducing their type – thus giving you tremendous insights into their tendencies and preferences.
The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment
  • A 360-degree assessment for individuals to pinpoint developmental areas.
  • The only assessment on the market to address both reactive tendencies and creative competencies (and all in single graphic).
  • Use of percentiles enables you to compare your leadership capabilities to other leaders in the broader marketplace.
  • Reveals task vs. relationship imbalances which contribute to damaged relationships and diminished results.
  • Provides a pathway for evolving from reactive to creative leadership behaviors.
  • Includes both quantitative measures and descriptive comments from evaluators.
Inner Mastery Tool Kit Inner Mastery Tool Kit Inner Mastery Tool Kit
Our People

Our People

Our executive coaches began their careers as mainstream business professionals who later transitioned into transformational coaching. Most have held executive positions themselves. This gives us an advantage in understanding management challenges and broadens the range of issues we can address. In addition, we are trained in the latest transformational coaching methods for surfacing underlying issues and roadblocks – both individually and organizationally – and then helping our clients move past them. We have all been on our own developmental journeys and don’t ask anything of clients we haven’t already experienced ourselves. We speak with authority because we have been there before you and know the way ahead.

Inner Mastery Quote

“Mark is a gentle soul with an active spirit, and a huge commitment to the service and well-being of others.”

~ Dottie Gandy
Co-Founder of the National Association of Women Business Owners