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Is Your Team Smarter and More Capable Together than They Are Individually?

An Exceptional Team Must…

Be smarter together than they are apart.
Align on decisions and deliver commitments.
Learn together & benefit from one another.
Challenge one another and be self-accountable.
Work on the emotionally charged issues together.
Draw on each other’s individual strengths.
Adapt quickly to meet changing conditions.
Support one another and own the change.

Our Exceptional Team Approach

No organization can out-perform its leadership. Your individual and collective leadership capability will determine whether your organization is mediocre or exceptional. Making big plans is relatively easy; delivering on those plans is the hard part. Today’s competitive environment requires that senior teams operate with a high level of cooperation and collaboration. We can help you achieve that level of team excellence.
Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

Many strategic change initiatives are thwarted by the lack of alignment among the senior leadership team. This portion of our team development program involves gaining clarity about the vision, the change drivers, and the perspectives of the executives. We practice straight-talk in getting to the core issues, challenge limiting beliefs and assumptions, and develop a strong shared commitment to the vision.

Team Coaching & Leadership Development

Team Coaching & Leadership Development

We support improved communications and collaboration through the development of targeted EQ skills and supportive mindsets. We engage the senior executives to develop a team vision for how they will work together to achieve your strategic objectives. We then tackle the difficult strategic issues and challenges, develop a path forward, and form a plan for aligning middle management and the organization.

Individual Executive Coaching

Individual Executive Coaching

Each executive on the team has their own unique developmental opportunities. Through our Exceptional Leader Coaching Program, we work with you directly to develop your full potential as both a person and as a leader. The combination of individual development, coupled with improved team dynamics, leads to a high-performing team that is capable of producing long-lasting breakthrough results.

Inner Mastery Quote

“Mark has a highly tuned empathy that enables him go well beyond conventional executive coaching.”

~ Gail Graham
Chief Marketing Officer at United Capital Financial Advisors, LLC