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Emotional Intelligence accounts for 80% of success


Observing yourself and understanding your thoughts, emotions, motivations, and purpose so that you can align your behaviors with your intentions.


Channeling emotions in service to a goal, emotional self-control, controlling impulses.


Sensitivity to the feelings and concerns of others, understanding their perspective, appreciating the differences in people.


Appropriately expressing emotions, managing your stress and remaining calm and composed, handling negative emotions effectively.

Relationship Management

Interacting with other people, at all different levels, under even the most difficult circumstances, in ways that produce beneficial outcomes for all involved.

Our Offerings

Our workshops are designed to deliver observable behavioral and mind-set changes. They are highly interactive with frequent hands-on exercises and group dialogue. Consistent with our core principles, we keep the workshops fun and light-hearted while delivering breakthroughs in thinking and action.
EQ & Team Development

EQ & Team Development

This program is based on the COREMAP personality system, which addresses all five of the elements of EQ. In addition to powerful insights about themselves, participants will learn how to understand and appreciate teammates with different styles. They will learn how to read other people and then quickly build rapport, which will dramatically increase their influencing skills.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience

The CDC has declared stress an epidemic. Stress not only takes a terrible toll on health, it diminishes cooperation, creativity, and the ability to think clearly. It also increases self-protective behavior and emotional reactions. This program provides a comprehensive approach to emotional resilience, to enable people to maintain a calm and centered presence throughout their daily trials.

Rising To The Challenge

Rising To The Challenge

One of the greatest challenges to high performance is the ability to understand and manage your emotional reactions. This program provides powerful insights and mindsets, along with proprietary processes for shifting from reaction to productive response in addressing difficult challenges and interpersonal conflicts. This Pivot To Power will enable your team to rise to the challenge.

Inner Mastery Quote

“Mark has been instrumental in helping me move from a reactive leader to a creative leader.”

~ Sloan Dean
VP of Revenue Optimization at Ashford Hospitality Trust