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An Exhilarating Journey To A Better Life

About The Book

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions

What would it be like to be able to be your best self everyday? Really great, right? We all aspire to be our best selves. But for most people, emotional reactions like stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, shame, and disappointment are an exhausting daily struggle, making it tough to consistently be the leader, parent, mate, colleague, friend, and person you truly want to be. Dear Human, Master Your Emotions is your user-friendly guide to creating emotional mastery so you can consistently be the very best version of yourself.

The inability to handle negative emotions is at the root of most of the strife and suffering in society. People will do almost anything to avoid negative, painful emotions – and resort to suppression, destructive interpersonal drama, numbing through addiction and compulsions, and ultimately suicide.

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions is designed to help readers gain greater understanding and acceptance of their emotions through simple, clear explanations and powerful tools for transforming a life. Embracing all of these emotions and processing them in a healthy way will not only transform an individual life, it can lead to the betterment of society in general.

This entertaining and reader-friendly book is rich with compelling stories and situations you will quickly relate to your own life. Dear Human, Master Your Emotions was designed to help you put into practice the life-changes necessary to stop reacting to life and start creating the life you want. Get your copy today and start your journey to a great life.

Dear Human, Master Your Emotions
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Dear Human, Master Your Emotions is filled with practical insights for understanding the positive role of emotions in your life and harnessing them for your benefit. Youngblood provides innovative strategies for processing your emotions quickly, gently, and easily that are helpful both at work and at home.

~ Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, NY Times Bestselling Author & Dartmouth Tuck Professor
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Learning to awaken the ability to reduce reactivity in this hyper-stimulating world is a foundational skill for living that Mark teaches better than anyone I’ve met.

~ Dylan Ratigan, NY Times Bestselling Author & Former Host of MSNBC’s Host Highest Rated Show
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If you purchase one book this year, I recommend Dear Human, Master Your Emotions. Mark Youngblood provides clear insights with simple yet powerful strategies for transforming your life by shifting from suppressing to addressing your emotions.

~ Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital Financial Advisers & NY Times Bestselling Author
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Mark Youngblood takes his readers on an enlightened journey of the human experience. Mark’s points raise awareness of what it means to live as a Creator and to be at choice, even in the face of the inevitable challenge that comes with the journey.

~ David Emerald, Author of ‘The Power of TED’
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In Dear Human, Master Your Emotions, Mark shares his wisdom and many of his strategies for transforming your life. Read it, follow the guidance, and open the door to a great life!

~ Brenda Boone, President & CEO of Human Solutions Inc.
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Mark’s advice is simply presented but profound and life-changing.

~ Jonah Sachs, Founder of Free Range Studios & Author of ‘Winning the Story Wars’
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Author Mark Youngblood brings humor and real world strategies to even the most enlightened and self-aware individual. From new moms to seasoned executives, anyone with a growth mindset can benefit from Mark’s guidance.

~ Kristin Horler, Founder & CEO of Baby Boot Camp

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